Providing perspective



The world is changing fast. How do you make sure that you show your skills and qualities to the world?

What if you could instantly show the right people what you can really do best, and what fits you best, validated and reliable?



How do you realise agility in order to stay successful as an organisation? How do you find talent easily when you need them most?

What if you had realtime insight in talent and development potential of all your staff? And what if you could find new talent more quickly and easily?



How do you help your clients best in transformations and digitalisation? Help manage the human side of strategic changes best.

What if you could make sure that the most critical assets “human capital” is optimised as a permanent solution to this challenge?


Objective, realtime matching based upon skillsets

The Fibonacci platform makes knowledge, competencies and skills visible and realtime projects these onto jobs and vacancies. By applying intelligent matching Fibonacci ensures sustainable, lifetime employability and continuous learning. Efficiently and objectively.



Fibonacci is committed to making the labour market just as transparent and agile as the fast changing world itself. For people, for organisations and in order to enhance education.



Fibonacci links substantive characteristics to labour and education. This is how perspective is found for people and organisations. The right person in the right place, at the right time. Intelligent matching at its best.



Fibonacci provides both employer and personel with objective insight is available and required skills and quality. And development potential. Realtime, objective and validated, all by means of innovative technology.


'The Voice" for the labour market

A cv or resume is still a leading document for recruiters and employers. The cv offers (too) much information that allows second thoughts and biasses to arise. We have to look at available skillsets (competencies, skills and knowledge) rather than at experience. And only after that should we be able to see one’s personal characteristics.

‘The Voice’ concept, projected on the labour market, one could argue.

Obviously we have to establish a personal match as well, but making that effort only after having established a match on skills seems so logical. That will make hiring processes so much more efficient. And it will also ensure that people are judged upon their qualities, and those qualities alone, rather than upon personal characteristics.

And that makes the Fibonacci method 100% inclusive. May the best singer win!

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