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About Fibonacci

Fibonacci Competence House B.V. was founded in 2016. The company is based in Haarlem and focuses on providing and developing an innovative bilateral matching platform for bringing together people, labour and education in a whole new way.

Who was Fibonacci?

Fibonacci is the nickname of Leonardo da Pisa. As a mathematician he came into contact with the mathematical sequence which was later called the Fibonacci sequence. The knowledge of the sequence he took back to Pisa. He wrote the book “Liber Abaci” and thus obtained a position at the University of Pisa. In this way he could earn an income with his particular skills.

The Fibonacci sequence is such that each number is the sum of the two preceding ones. That is exactly what we think the next step in a career should be. Based on the acquired knowledge and qualities, the next step is more than ‘plus 1’. People must therefore be able to be judged upon substantive content-related characteristics, which is what we make possible with our platform.

Finally, the sequence is the basis of the Golden Ratio, a calculation model for harmonious relationships in architecture and painting.


The labour market will change rapidly in the coming years. Ongoing digitisation and robotisation makes that supply and demand vary widely. It is therefore increasingly difficult for a company to develop and acquire the desired expertise at an acceptable cost and effort. Just as it is becoming increasingly difficult for employees to keep up with new developments.

The use of modern technology is necessary to be able to keep up with a constantly changing world. We use intelligent technology to connect people, labour and education in a smarter way. In this way we offer perspective and added value for people and organisations. And to society as a whole. That is what drives us.

We believe in and strive for an inclusive society. The right person in the right place defines the area in which people, work and education come together. This is also reflected in the intensive cooperation we have entered with the Fibonacci Talents Community Foundation, focused on social projects and aimed at helping people with a perceived distance to the labour market.


Fibonacci provides and supports an intelligent matching platform that provides automated and objective linking of talent to desired roles and functions. We help candidates to find a suitable job and organisations to find the right talent.

By facilitating an optimal inflow, throughflow and outflow of workers with objectively validated qualities and competencies, we can make the difference for organizations. In addition, we make applying anonymously and benchmarking “by design” accessible to everyone.

Anonymity and control over one’s own data are also anchored “by design” in the Fibonacci platform and are therefore fully in line with the requirements of GDPR.


From intake, inventory and analysis, we ensure thorough implementation of the intelligent matching platform for the real-time recruitment, selection and assessment of employees. In addition, we help to implement our own job matrix or, if desired, the Fibonacci job matrix as a basis for further customisation.

Competencies and skills can be scaled per function, while the role in the matrix is retained. This allows organizations to respond quickly and adequately to specific situations, while candidates find the work that best suits their qualities.

Finally, we implement accredited job matrixes such as e-CF, IPMA and DevOps, whether or not in collaboration with trade and branche organisations.

Inclusive labour market, inclusive society

The matching of Fibonacci is inclusive. By only matching on substantive characteristics such as competencies, skills and knowledge, and by keeping personal characteristics such as gender, age and background completely out of the matching, everyone has equal opportunities.
And therefore providing chances and perspectives for all people.

Socially responsible and involved

From day 1 of its existence, Fibonacci contributes as broadly as possible to the objectives of the Fibonacci Talents Community Foundation and thereby contributes to an inclusive society. This Foundation has received a so-called Green License from us to recruit employees and volunteers for its projects. We naturally offer special conditions for this.
In addition, we offer you as a user the opportunity to make your social profile visible. Not only because you have also developed competencies and skills that are important for your career, but precisely because you can indicate your availability for volunteering, for example, so that you can be found more easily for that too.
By means of the paid use of the platform, organizations automatically fulfil part of their Social Return obligations or ambitions.