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Perspective on success

Advisors who manage and support organisational changes and Human Capital issues require proper tooling. Whether it concerns M&A projects, transformations or transitions, Fibonacci enables you to support the human factor with realtime, spot-on and scalable tooling.
Talent management, strategic workforce planning, skills bridging and Human Development all benefit from insight and data based decision making in order to effectively and efficiently manage change.
Having and providing realtime and detailed insight in Human Capital makes you the ideal strategic partner for the client.

Matching change

Strategic changes, like as a result of merger, acquisition, transformation and transition have a lot of impact on people and organisation. New jobs and roles arise, old ones disappear. Making sure that people and jobs remain aligned is of critical importance.
Based upon company owned or selected frameworks Fibonacci offers continuous and realtime matching of people to jobs, current or future. Fibonacci offers all functionality for recognising, validating and certification of personal knowledge, skills and competencies, both current and future ones, and continuously plotting those on jobs and roles.
The right person in the right place. Always.

Expertise Review Model

With Fibonacci’s Expertise Review Model you can easily determine both available and required Human Capital for your client. Advise on future work and help managing the human side of transformation by determining demand for development and training towards new goals. Deliver supported input for Human Resource Development and strategic choices. Help embed HR Development in strategy and create sustainable solutions. Fact- and data based decisions lead to better use of Human Capital.

Recruitment module

The ever growing hunt for talent requires fast and spot-on recruitment. Specifically determine required skills, publish the vacancy in a few clicks, and see matches instantly. Need more candidates? Then push the vacancy over the internet and collect more candidates in direct links with your vacancy.
This way you can easily and automatically proces and match candidate inflow, by pre-selection based on actual and individual skillsets matching.
Always the best match for your customer, even when candidates may not yet be in your network.
Realtime, super fast, and spot-on.

Outplacement module

People come, people go, but sometimes people need to leave the organisation against their will. Not easy, but opportunities arise, especially when the employer supports them well.
By matching people realtime to external vacancies you can help the organisation guide these people to new work in a positive and effective manner. People will find matches with jobs with other employers, and by supporting that, they will more easily find new work. Even when the match is not 100% you can easily allocate outplacement budgets, because the module will show exactly which competencies, skills or knowledge needs attention. This enables spot-on and efficient work-to-work support and training.

Our contribution

Realtime insight, always
Objective and validated matches
Speed and accuracy
Data and fact based
Sustainable solutions