Providing perspective

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Our promisses

Objective matching based upon ALL of your talents
Surprising matches that you may not expect
Benchmark yourself to jobs and to others
Development and continuous learning based upon your needs
Anonymous; we only look at your talents

New perspective

Wether you want to broaden your talents or you want to keep developing yourself, Fibonacci provides perspective. Major change in organisations opens up many possibilities when your skills are available and visible, when jobs are considered.
Fibonacci matches your competencies, skills and talents with jobs and roles at various employers. 24/7, using intelligent algorithms, and solely based on talents. 100% objective.
You may even end up matching upon jobs you would have never considered!

Getting invited

How and where you have built up your talents and skillsets is absolutely relevant. But first you need to get invited before you get the chance to talk about that. Create your profile within a few easy steps. By capturing your skills, competencies and talents, and by having these validated, your profile will come up at all relevant jobs and roles that require your skills.
With the confirmation that the match on skills has already been confirmed, the interview will be much more comfortable and personal.

Anonymity as long as you want to

Stop being contacted all day because someone finds a matching word in your cv or profile, that is online and open to all. Keep your skills to yourself as long as you want; stay in control over who can see them. Only when YOU want them to and only for jobs that YOU are interested in will YOU be able to share your data.

Matching by Fibonacci is done purely on objective criteria. Personal information is only shared with that particular employer after the match has been accepted by both you and the employer, and thus never before your explicit consent. This process ensures confidentiality and puts all forms of exclusion based upon age, gender and origin to an end. But it also enables you to stay in control of your data.

Validation and education

Fibonacci connects with accredited parties that can validate your qualities and skills. Validations can be by means of online tests, assessments etc., and contribute to the objectivity and strength of your recorded skillset.
In addition, Fibonacci offers matching with any suitable education and training opportunities that can fill any actual gaps between your personal skillset and that of the job profile. Education tailored for you and the job.

Always new opportunities

On the Fibonacci platform you have automatic access to jobs and vacancies. Your profile and all of the matching are anonymous. You cannot be found on the platform, other than as a result of a successful match.
At first anonymously, and only after your explicit consent, you can be in touch.
With your one profile, you will be constantly matched to any (new) job on the platform. And developing yourself and enhancing your profile, new opportunities will follow, constantly and automatically.