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Fibonacci jobs - DISCOVER: Expertise Review

DISCOVER: Expertise Review


Almost all organisations regard their employees as their most valuable assets. But how big that capital really is, or wether or not it is used to its fullest extend, is hardly ever known or measured.
How do organisations find out what their Human Capital really is?
Start with an Expertise Review.
It is not an obligatory, yearly, talk to the people, resulting in Excel sheets with one-off information that ends up in drawers. It is a full-blown online, realtime Expertise Review, exposing all (hidden) skills and potential of employees, directly related to jobs to be done, both right now and in the future.


People have skills. Some you can see being put to use daily, but some may strike you as a surprise, maybe because they are not being called upon in the roles people fulfil.
Is the organisation making the most of it’s people’s skills?
And are people able to show their full potential to the organisation?
Enable your people to show their true potential. Not to the whole world, but safely and securely within the company, where they will not only surprise you, but possibly also themselves. And you will be able to help them develop better and more easily.
Their data and profiles are stored securely in their own online competency-vault.


And how about insight in jobs and roles within the organisation. Are they still the same and unchanged as they were many years ago when they were documented and maybe formalised?
Has the organisation changed, for instance as a result of digitalisation? Has that impacted jobs and roles at all? And o employees change and develop accordingly?
Do they still fit as well to their jobs as on the day they started it?
Or have they grown and improved, and as an employer, you don’t realise it?
Maybe they need additional training that you may not realise? Can the organisation cope?
Why not do a proper skills assessment for valuable insight?

Expertise Review: how?

By continuously matching employees to jobs at hand, you will gain continuous insight in relevant skill levels and expertise. Usage of frameworks allows both current as future jobs and job populations to be used for expertise reference. It also allows making use of external (standard/branch) frameworks, like for instance e-CF (for ICT), to be used as reference.
This allows realtime and dynamic insight in optimal deployment of skills within the organisation.
But it also allows best insights and multi-perspective view on how to optimally develop and train employees, so they can make sure they stay on top of their games and their careers.
We measure all individual skills and competencies and plot those on ALL jobs in your organisation. Hidden talents, unexpected matches and opportunities will be the organisation’s benefit.

Expertise Review: why?

Full insight in Human Value and Company Human Value means full insight in available competencies, skills and knowledge of employees.
The Expertise Review Mode; offers a dashboard with realtime insight and reports on individual an collective skillsets, and plots this on ALL jobs that have been defined in the organisation. This allows perfect insight and information that can support transformations, transitions, HRD initiatives and strategic planning.
By matching employees on jobs you will gain perfect and actual insight in expertise at hand and how to best deploy that, but also in what is lacking. This creates a perfect basis for education and development.
It will help support fact based human development, education and development, bust also fact based insight in skills to be hired or acquired.

Human development

Crucial for every organisation! That is why lots of money is spent on coaching and education of employees. There are many tools available to measure status and progress, but wouldn’t it be nice if it would be directly related and linked to jobs, tasks and strategy in the organisation?
By translating strategy and targets into job profiles and matching people on these?
With the Fibonacci Expertise Review module you will gain continuous and realtime insight in employees’ skills in direct relation to the jobs at hand.
It was never easier to do a proper assessment and then help people develop in full synchrony with organisational targets and strategy.

Transition and Transformation

“Do not look at technology when executing a digital transformation! It is an organisational change. (Source: Menno Lanting, innovation expert, writer and speaker).

A (digital) transformation or transition is mostly complex because people need to transform accordingly. At least, their skill need to stay synchronised to every other change at hand.
The Fibonacci Expertise Review model perfectly allows managing change and transition on personal level.
Determine current Company Human Value and define jobs and roles of the future, with their specific levels of competencies, skills and knowledge. And then match these with your employees.
The realtime dashboard shows existing skillsets in relation to future needs, and realtime Delta-reports show you exactly what needs to be done in terms of development recruitment or even outplacement.