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Providing perspective

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Perspective for your organisation

How do you make sure to have the right people in the right seat in the right time? How do you manage to do that quickly and dynamically? The Fibonacci platform offers real-time insight in the match between actual and required qualities of employees and teams. Changing roles give changing matches.
This insight makes it possible to invest effectively in Human Development. By connecting people to work and education, Fibonacci offers perspective for organisations, large and small.

Frameworks as baseline

By making use of the company’s own (job) framework in the Fibonacci platform, direct matching is accomplished between employees and the company’s own jobcriteria. External candidates can also be assessed against this framework, weighing them against the same scale.
Individual jobs or roles, based on these frameworks, can be tailored by setting levels of individual competencies.
Using other (branche) frameworks the company can measure against other standards and ultimately generate dynamic jobprofiles.

The right person in the right seat

You want to make the best use of your employees: the right person in the right seat at the right time. In order to manage that process best, you need clear insight in peoples competencies, skills and knowledge. By dynamically defining roles and applicable skills you can use realtime matching in order to manage your teams as flexibly as you could possibly want.

Human Resource Development

By matching people’s skills on those of current or future jobs, you gain very detailed insight on development need and potential. Education with validation of newly acquired skillslevels, and storing those new levels in employee profiles, will enable that insight.
The Fibonacci Expertise Review therefor enables spot on education and development of people and organisation.

Expertise Review

Accelerate Human Resource Development by defining future roles and required skills levels. That will show immediately what needs to be done in order to let employees develop accordingly. It makes it easier to plan transitions and change programs, and the human side of change will no longer be neglected. An objective Review: realtime, dynamic an continuous.
And no more spreadsheets.


Save lots of time and effort by preselection upon skills. Your recruiters will only have to spend time on candidates of whom you know, they have the required skills.
The Recruitment module preselects based upon skills. Realtime, anonymously and filtered to your standards. This massively speeds up the process, and increases efficiency by preselecting more suitable candidates that recruiters need to talk to, instead of more candidates only.
Fibonacci is your solution for efficient and sustainable recruitment.


Inevitably organisations change, and inevitably that means that sometimes people have to leave. Many organisations have programs is place where those people are supported with network, coaching and training in order to be able to find a new job outside.
Why not add skillset matching to this equation?
Using the Fibonacci outplacement tooling will help the employee that unfortunately needs to leave finding a new job based upon his or her actual competencies. If there is a gap in knowledge or skills, you can use the program to help the employer get ready for the outside opportunity making this employee leave the company an ambassador.