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Fibonacci jobs - Inclusion


What is inclusion, and why inclusion

Inclusion is about closing disadvantaged groups in society.
Inclusion therefor means that these disadvantaged groups take part of society and play a normal role. Inclusion in the labour market means that disadvantaged people, just like anybody else, can make their own living in jobs that suit them well.

Apart from discussions about aids for that, it all starts with judging people on their actual capacities. It starts with them using their strengths, despite their disadvantage. And that means you have to be able to see through the disadvantage in order to see their value.

So, turn the proces around

Shouldn’t it be like that, that one can see someone’s value and become enthusiastic about it, despite the characteristics of that someone?
That, in stead of seeing someone with a disadvantage and still assessing their skills, finding a very skilful person who later appears to be somewhat disadvantaged?

Is that disadvantage then still an issue, once you have established the true qualities?
This proces change can only be realised through anonymous matching of quality and skills.
That is why the Fibonacci way is 100% inclusive.

The Voice?

The principle behind The Voice is in itself very inclusive. Listen and find quality, do not be distracted by form.

We apply that same principle to the labour market.
True anonymous application, after quality matching and establishment.

May the best singer win!

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