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Privacy Statement

This is the privacy statement of Fibonacci Competence House B.V., trading under the name Fibonacci Jobs or Fibonacci (hereinafter also referred to as: “Fibonacci” or “we” and “us”). You will find our contact details at the very bottom of this privacy statement. When you visit the Fibonacci website at and/or visit other related websites (hereinafter: “the Website”) and/or place an order, we process various data from you. We do this for various purposes. Below you can read which data we process and for what purpose we do that. The term “processing” is also very broad.

The law defines this as all actions from the moment of collection to the moment of deletion. The concept of processing also includes the temporary storage of your data. 

Of course we take your privacy very seriously and will process and use information about you in a safe way. And naturally we tell you in this privacy statement what rights you have and how you can exercise them.

You should know that a lot of the information on our website concerns framework information. Things like competency sets are built up in frameworks that we use on our website and are therefore our data that you use in your profile. These datasets, which are linked to your profile, based upon your working experience, your education etc., are ours, but you can always cancel your account and delete it. It that event these data will be irreversibly disconnected from your profile data.

Why do we process your data?

We process your data for various purposes. Broadly speaking, we process your data in order to optimise your use and experience of the Website and to ensure that we can provide you with the products and/or services you have signed up for or purchased. To be specific, we process your data for the following reasons:

In order for the Website to function properly, we use automatically generated information such as your IP address, the type, version and language of your browser and/or the resolution of your screen.

Website optimisation

In order to improve the Website, we use certain information collected during your visit to the Website, such as your IP address, the pages you visit on the Website and how long you stay on these pages, how you arrived at the Website, which computer system you use and the type and version of your browser

Account data

If you create an account on the Website, we will in any case process the data that you provide to us when you create the account. In addition, you can add other data to your account. You can enter the following information into your account:

E-mail address

Telephone number
Company name

If you wish, you can leave additional information, but this is never mandatory, unless the law requires us to do so.

We also keep track of what you have ordered in the past on your account. Based on this, we can offer you a Website that is better suited to your needs.

Processing and fullfilment of orders

For processing orders and handling them, we use the following data:

E-mail address
Telephone number
Company name
Payment details

In order to process your payment, we ask for your payment details. The requested information depends on your chosen payment option and may include your name, account number or credit card number. We use the information provided by you only for the purpose of making the payment and for any refund in the event of cancellation of ordered products or services.

Offers via a newsletter

If you choose this option, you will regularly receive our newsletter by e-mail with interesting offers and promotions. Would you like to unsubscribe from the newsletter? This is always possible via a link in the newsletter.

We will never provide your details to third parties for the commercial purposes of these third parties, without your explicit permission.

Personal offers on other websites

In order to show you our personal offers when you visit another website, we use third party cookies on the Website, which enable us to provide you with personalised offers based on your surfing behaviour. Through the Website, a cookie is placed on your computer or device with a unique number. This cookie makes it possible to recognise your computer or other device when you surf to another website, which is part of the same advertising network, after a visit to the Website. This allows us to show you advertisements from us on that other website.

The data processed in this way will only be used by us for the purpose of showing you our advertisements on other websites as explained above and will not be linked to any other data.

What happens when linking through via the Website?

The Website may contain hyperlinks which, if you click on them, will take you out of the Website and to another party’s website. We have no control over the content of other parties’ websites or over the products and/or services offered there. Nor do we know how your details are handled on those other websites. This Privacy Statement only applies to (personal) data obtained via our Website. We cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the websites of other parties and the way in which they handle your (personal) data.

Do we share your data with other parties?

In order to be able to deliver your order (such as validations and training) it may be necessary for us to provide your (address) data to a third party.

Furthermore, we will only provide your data to third parties insofar as you have explicitly indicated with regard to a certain third party that you give permission for this, or insofar as these data cannot be traced back to you personally (such as automatically generated information, not being your IP address).

Finally, Fibonacci may provide your data to third parties if it is obliged to do so on the basis of laws and/or regulations, it is forced to do so as a result of a lawsuit and/or in the event it deems this necessary to protect its own rights.

Rights of our visitors and customers

You can always view the (personal) data you have provided when creating an Account and, if necessary, change it in your Account.

As a visitor or customer of the Website, you have the right to contact us with the request to tell you whether we process data about you. You can contact us at Within four weeks after the request, we will inform you of the following:

which data we process;
for which purpose we process these data;
where these data come from;
with whom we share these data;
for which purpose this is done.

You also have the right to ask us to correct, supplement, delete or block your personal data. You can make this request when:

the data are incorrect;
incomplete or inapplicable for the purpose of processing, or
are being processed against the law.

Fibonacci will inform you in writing within four weeks of your request whether it will comply with your request to correct, supplement, delete or block. If Fibonacci does not comply with your request, it will indicate the reason for this.

When you delete your account, Fibonacci will delete or anonymize all personal information about you.


Fibonacci will take appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your (personal) data against loss or any form of unlawful processing. For example, we use secure servers with HTTPS access, we use the latest forms of hash and other types of security and we carry out regular security checks.


We only use functional cookies on our website. By using the website and using our services, you consent to us placing cookies. Please read our cookie policy for more information.


We use log files, IP addresses and data on computers and mobile devices. Of course, we respect the settings you choose on your devices. For fraud prevention, fraud detection and security purposes, we keep log files of important changes, data consultations, etc. on our website, so that we can trace whether these changes have been made by the right person.

In conclusion

After reading this privacy statement, do you have any questions about the protection of your data while visiting the Website? Please feel free to contact us by e-mail. The address is: This privacy statement is subject to change. These changes will be announced on the Website. You can also download this Privacy Statement here.

Fibonacci Competence House B.V. is a private limited liability company and has its registered office in (2031 BH) Haarlem, The Netherlands, at the A. Hofmanweg 5a.