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Human Value

What is Human Value?

By Human Value (HV) we mean the complete set and level of personal, intrinsic qualities of an individual person. This Human Value is the toolbox for a person to achieve their professional goals and ambitions. It is the total skillset including competencies, skills, knowledge and experience; actually it is the total professional encyclopedia of an individual.
In principle, Human Value changes every day because we learn and develop every day. By adding experience and education (by validation) into the Human Value encyclopedia, the Human Value increases with the increase of knowledge and/or experience.
Real-time tracking provides insight, and real-time matching provides perspective.

Fibonacci offers this real-time insight into everyone’s Human Value by registering all elements of Human Value in everyone’s profile and making them transparent. The Human Value is then matched to the characteristics of roles and vacancies.

Validation and education

Validation of competencies, soft and hard skills, training, working experience and ambition can be added by connecting all kinds of (external) tests, assessments and exams.
(Modular) education can fill the gaps and increase levels, and thus Human Value can be the starting point for personal development and training.


Human Value is therefore the value of the human profile. This value increases by raising levels through experience and education. Matching on roles and vacancies creates the link with work, so that people and work are connected and so that both from the perspective of people and employers, the right person can always be in the right place of the working environment.

Company Human Value

Company Human Value is the sum of all the individual Human Values of a certain group of employees in an organisation.
This provides insight into how skillsets of teams, departments or entire organisations are built up. It shows which competencies, skills and knowledge are present, but also which are not or not sufficiently available.

When Company Human Value is projected on the roles, a perfect image of available skills is created in relation to the required skills. And doing this at the level of the teams, departments or even of an entire organisation, grants all the insight needed to plan Human Capital. What are the development needs, where can people best be deployed, and is it possible to staff projects with own people, or is external help needed?
The Fibonacci Expertise Measurement is the module that provides this insight.