Fibonacci = privacy

... and privacy = Fibonacci

Fibonacci jobs - Fibonacci is privacy by design


When we founded Fibonacci, we had a very important goal: to give everyone in the labour market the opportunity they deserve. This includes helping employers to determine whether someone is the best person for a job in terms of skills. In the case of vacancies, therefore, the question of who a person is is only important once it has been established that the match in terms of skills exists. Why else would you waste each other’s time getting to know each other and making contact, if things are not going to work out anyway? And why would you exchange sensitive (personal) data in this phase? In any case, nobody wants all their data to circulate freely over the web, so why should you still publish your CV with all your personal data in public?

There is an alternative.


Your own digital skills safe

Fibonacci is your highly secure, GDPR compliant, skills safe, and you are the only one with the key! That safe contains your skills, and actually no more than that. We ask as little personal information from you as possible, so that you can be sure that we can’t use it either.  Your safe with your skills is your weapon on the labourmarket and we help you as best we can to make the most of it.

A match? Only then your data, and still only upon your consent

Once it has been established that there is a match with a job or employer based on your actual skills, and only once both parties are convinced of this, it makes sense to contact each other. Only then can you really assess together whether there is a common future. Of course, we are very keen to facilitate this. All we need to do is to have the necessary contact details and your permission to share them with that specific other party, namely the person with whom the match exists. Nothing more. No address, place of birth, age, etc., just contact details.

We will only share those much-needed contact details and nothing more than those, only with your permission. You do not have to provide us with any other information in order to use our services.

Can you provide additional personal data in your profile?

We do not ask you to provide information that we do not use anyway. But in some cases more data are simply necessary. Your place of residence may be needed to help you with a good match based upon location. Your email to be able to notify you, and your phone number to provide the 2-step security. Only when financial transactions will have to take place, we need to know more about you because the law requires us to do so. That’s why we only ask for the necessary information from in those kind of cases. But even in those kind of cases, we only use the data for the purpose for which we need them. For example, your email and phone number will be needed at some point to facilitate contact with employers for you. Anyway, we don’t use them in the matching, and we don’t share anything, unless you explicitly agree!

Sensitive personal data

Do you have any specific data or characteristics that make you extra unique? We want to facilitate you in making the most of them, because they can work to your advantage. But they should never work to your disadvantage. These data are therefore never required to be provided, but they may still be functional. Again, this data will never be used, unless it is to your advantage, because that is what our goal has been from day 1 onwards.