Fibonacci jobs - Privacy Policy


Fibonacci takes your privacy very seriously and will process and use information about you (the person concerned) in a secure manner. It goes without saying that we do all this in accordance with the GDPR. In this Privacy Policy we explain to you how we want to deal with everyone’s data.

Why do we need personal data?

Our platform makes it possible to match people with work and education on grounds of skills. Personal characteristics are not relevant, not even. We want to encourage people to be seen and found for what they can and know, and not for what they look like or what preferences they have.

However, in order to provide our services and to enable everyone to make optimal use of our services, we also need some personal data. That is why we have no choice but to ask our users for more general personal data. If we facilitate a match and therefore want to get in touch with each other, we must of course be able to provide each other with the necessary information (contact details). “By design”, we have ensured that such an exchange of data only takes place with the explicit consent of both parties. This consent is given by expressing your interest in the role or vacancy, or as an employer it is given by requesting details of a candidate. You can either accept or refuse matches.

Sensitive data

In some cases, we may also ask you for more sensitive or specific personal data or personal characteristics. We do this either because specific characteristics are important for some roles, or in order to be able to better help people in specific target groups. Sometimes the latter is only possible if we are familiar with these characteristics. However, these data are never required to be filled in, but they may determine the functionality.

How do we use your data?

We use your information to create the best possible profile for you, so that we can match you as closely as possible in terms of work and education. For this purpose, substantive information is important. Personal data is not important, unless specifically required, for example in the case of participation jobs. Your contact details will be used to put you in contact with the person with whom you indicate that you want to be put in contact, or for communication with us.

How do we get your information?

We have information about you as soon as and because you have provided us with that information yourself. You can do this by entering it into your profile. We may also obtain other information from third parties with your permission. Think of validation data that we process in your profile in order to be able to match even better. You always give your permission for this.

How do we store and secure your data?

We use reputable cloud hosting providers for the storage of our data. They ensure the most up-to-date security of their servers on a daily basis. We ensure that the data of our Dutch and European users is stored on servers within the EU.

It goes without saying that we have taken good and up to date security measures ourselves, and that we have our security tested on a regular basis. Today’s technology offers many possibilities to store and process data securely and encrypted, but it is impossible to give an absolute guarantee that data will not leak through internet use. Also make sure that you take good measures yourself, such as good passwords, good use of login details, encrypted connections, recent security certificates, etcetera. In any case, we offer multiple security (MFA) for accessing your profile, and we strongly recommend that you use this functionality.

How can you have your data deleted?

If you want to delete data or even cancel and delete your entire profile and account with us, we will regret that very much. But we do understand.

If you cancel your account, we will permanently remove your personal data. Logical, it concerns your data. This deletion is irreversible, so be well aware of that in advance.

Data about matches from the past remain anonymised and pseudonymised, and can never be related to you again. We are, however, obliged to retain some data, for example for legal reasons, such as the substantiation of our financial administration.

Privacy Statement

We have described some more formal privacy stuff  in our Privacy Statement, which can be found at You can also download it there.

Can our Privacy Policy be changed?

In principle yes! We can change this Policy, but the nature and mission of our company will not change, neither will the Policy in general. The same applies to our Privacy Statement.

Where can you turn to with complaints and questions?

If you have any questions about privacy and the way in which we use your information, please send an e-mail to If you have a complaint about the way in which we process your data, you can also send an e-mail to In addition, you can always contact the competent national data protection authority. In the Netherlands, this is the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (“Authority for Personal Data”).