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Challenges in recruitment

Recruitment in its current form is very inefficient and very time consuming.

Creating a job profile, publish it, wait for reactions, do proper preselection, based on letters and cv’s. And all of that without being really able to judge and appreciate applicants true capacities.

All and all it takes days if not weeks to have a first candidate at your table. And even then it is not unusual to find out then, that one’s actual profile is slightly different then it appeared at first sight. It is common knowledge that a cv is not the best predictor of success in a new position. Competencies and skills are better alternatives.

In this era possibilities and tools for preselection based upon the right criteria are much better, easier, faster and more efficient than they once were. Let alone all the other advantages that contemporary recruitment brings to the table.

Solution for better recruitment

How much more efficient would recruitment be if you could generate and publish a vacancy profile in a few clicks, and the top candidates, based upon their true applicable skills, would be presented to you within seconds?

A true and unbiased preselection based upon your own required skillset profile, supported by proven frameworks, or by your company’s own frameworks, and tailored to required levels of competencies, skills and knowledge for your specific role.

From now on you can spend your time talking to candidates who have been preselected based upon their actual skills that you are looking for. Anonymous, realtime, fast and spot-on.

Beat your competition in the quest for the best talents with Fibonacci Recruitment.

Integrated recruitment marketing

Organisations want the best possible candidates for their vacancies.
After having published your vacancy, you will immediately see the best matches with profiles in the Fibonacci platform. You can reach out to them and request to be in contact right away.

Not satisfied with the results? Start your own, fully integrated, recruitment campaign I a few clicks and generate more applicants and candidates. Our tested campains will undoubtedly generate more candidates, that are yours alone for a period of time that you need for selection.

We target our campaigns not only on active jobseekers and job boards, but on everyone in the targetgroup, regardless whether or not they are actively looking form a new job.

Interested candidates create their profile in Fibonacci and are automatically considered based upon their actual skillsets. When they do not match well enough, they will not cost you time and effort.
When they do match well, the first hurdle will be already taken, so a personal introduction can be personal, knowing the skills are matched.

Value in every profile

Fibonacci’s platform functionality makes matching results much more valuable.

Candidates who respond to a certain vacancy on which they may not match too well are automatically matched to all vacancies the company has published.
This way will make the most of every applicant, who is automatically considered for all vacancies.

This is an effect that is much harder to do by people than by machine, since the machine is unbiased in every thinkable way.

Platform functionality: "1 to n"

The main advantage a platform like Fibonacci offers is that it is able to process large numbers. The more candidates and the more vacancies make the value higher.
It will allow large numbers of candidates to be considered for every vacancy without putting a lot of stress upon your organisation. So when a recruitment campaign generates high volumes of respondents, your organisation will not be impacted, even when every one of them is equally considered
And where recruiters have to work with cv’s and letters (that may not be unbiased in themselves) Fibonacci matches skills. Regardless on which vacancy they are matched.

Bilateral matching with Fibonacci delivers “1 to n”. All candidates to every individual vacancy, but also every individual candidate to every vacancy.

Today's recruitment

Let today’s technology work for you, but do not get stuck by keywords.
In these times, where people are scarce, you have to be creative. When looking for certain skills, go out and find just those, instead of looking for experience with suggested availability of skills.