Anonymous job application

Providing perspective

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Anonymous job application

Why anonymous

Work is primarily about content. In order to be able to assess the content properly, one sometimes needs to be prevented form being distracted by appearances. First impressions and prejudices can also derive from the content. Applying anonymously is not a goal in itself, but it can sometimes give a better and fairer picture of people’s true value.

Objective solution

Applying anonymously is a much-discussed subject. As far as we are concerned, it is all about retaining and deploying talent, based on substantive characteristics and objective matching with jobs and vacancies. Fibonacci’s intelligent matching platform offers ‘by design’ an objective solution for applying anonymously. Candidate profiles are matched at competence, skills and knowledge level to jobs and vacancies of employers. Anonymously, strictly by content and without distraction. Personal data are only exchanged when there is mutual interest and approval. At Fibonacci, we believe in an inclusive society with plenty of perspective for people and organisations.

Intelligent online matching is our contribution.


Man-woman, young-old, what does that matter? It’s about what someone can do. Everyone has talents and qualities, and wouldn’t it be a shame if we didn’t see them because we are distracted by peripheral issues. By matching content only, we help every organisation to become an inclusive organisation. With plenty of opportunities for people to be valued for what they can do.

Opportuntities for candidates

As a candidate, you want to be considered based upon your qualities and not upon all kinds of other things. Even if they are so much yours. It’s about what you bring to work. In order to be able to tell a new employer you all about yourself, you first need to have a chance to get invited. On the platform, you automatically get matched to jobs and vacancies that require your skillset. By creating a profile and validating competencies and skills (or having them validated), you will be matched. Period.

You cannot be browsed on the platform. Other than as a result of a successful match on a specific position. This is all and only about content. Your profile will remain anonymous until such time as you yourself have agreed to the release of your data. The first hurdle has already been taken and you will have every opportunity to present yourself properly later on.

Perspective on the best possible candidates

The best possible employees, are you looking for skills or form?
By searching for specific skillsets, you will find people with those skillsets. And they are the right people for the organisation at that moment. Find what you need, and find them in real-time, quickly.

Benefits for employers

Applying anonymously is considered to be difficult in practice. Nevertheless, as an employer you want to invite the best possible candidates to your table, with the highest possible chance of success and as few complications as possible. By matching competencies and skills automatically, the Fibonacci platform offers an intrinsically better solution than simply lacquering personal data in a CV. This means that you will find objectively good and validated candidates who you can invite for an interview. The right person at the right time in the right place. Found real time. This is a gain for employers at a time when the shortage of talent keeps day by day.

Perspective on the right job

Growing is thinking in terms of opportunities and possibilities. To be the right person in the right place. Always. Be judged on your expertise and content and use it to find the job that suits you best. So show your expertise.

On the way to growth

A society that enables people and organisations to flourish brings vitality, development and new economic growth. Transformation and adaptability play a vital role for many organisations. In order to realise qualitative inflow, it is also necessary to let go of outdated ideas in order to make progress.

Fibonacci offers the prospect of new growth.