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Fibonacci jobs - What we do

What we do

Matching people, work and education

Fibonacci’s platform connects talented people with work and employers, with recruiters, government and local authorities, educational institutions and non-profit organisations. Matching takes place at individual competency, skill or knowledge level, so that matches are very detailed and clear. Very specific education can be applied at the same level if mismatch at certain levels would appear. Every person is a talent and can be developed further, provided that they are on the right job, at the right time and in the right situation.

Anonimity, so it is all about skills

The Fibonacci Jobs platform operates completely anonymously until the last step of matching, and therefore respects the full privacy of the candidate until the moment he or she agrees to the release of his or her data. Only with the consent of the candidate and only in case of interest shown by the employer, contact details will be exchanged in order to facilitate personal introduction.
We use a CV and working experience as a source for establishing skills, and we do our matching based upon the latter. The CV with all the information making links to people possible, take no part in the matching equation.
Anonymous job application at its’s best, without scratching in CV’s.
But mainly matching in terms of content, without personal characteristics playing any role in this.

Validation of skills

An important part of the Fibonacci proposition is the validation of the content characteristics (skills) of candidates. Accredited and authorised parties can provide these validations, which candidates and clients can choose for themselves. Fibonacci enables clients to remain connected to their current validation suppliers, but it also enables them to ensure that these data and results are always in real time and in relation to their people and the work to be carried out. From static data to dynamic information.

Enriching skills profile and a leap to life long learning

Enriching of personal skills can be done in different ways, for example, by means of tests, exams, assessments and evaluations. Validations and education can be initiated and recorded in the platform. Based on the personal characteristics, it can be proactively indicated or determined which validation or education is required in order to (even) better judge who qualifies for jobs, vacancies or project assignments.

The quest for expertise; standardisation by use of frameworks

Fibonacci’s matching works on a national and international level. Partly as a result of intensive cooperation within the various sectors by sector organisations, governments, educational institutions and professional and interest groups, it is possible to make direct use of the various sector-specific frameworks.
Fibonacci works completely sector-independently. By using frameworks, it is easy to facilitate branches or organisations, sectors and individual companies.
The choice and ability to generate dynamic profiles based upon proven successful skillsets is obvious.

Standardisation of expertise

Deploying expertise in various fields can also take place across national borders, on a standardised basis. The principle of Fibonacci is based on intelligent frameworks with predefined functions, roles, and tasks. It offers the possibility to professionally validate and certify content characteristics by accredited organisations. The European Competence Framework (eCF) is a good example of European standardisation, in this case for ICT functions.
We have therefor adopted eCF as a standard framework that can be made available to all customers.